The victorian turquoise and pearl locket

Hello there, good morning!

I would like to show you another locket of my family's collection. The girl on the two photos is my great grandmother as a child with her stepmother. And no, she wasn't the nasty kind, but she was very kind and loved all of her three step children dearly.

Unfortunately, I can't say, to whom this locket belonged. It was my grandmother's locket, which she used to wear for special occasions, like Christmas. It is a very old locket, from the late eighteenth century, I'd say from the 1870 approximately. 

Unlike we might think, it's not of gold, but silver, gold plated. The gold plated has disappeared on several places. 

The black background to the design is of onyx, and the flowery design is done in turquoise and freshwater pearls.

My mother wears this locket now, but until just recently, we didn't even know, that it was a locket! And one day, I said to my mother, that I wanted to have a closer look at it. I told her, that I think, that one must be able to open it, but it was out of shape, so it was quite difficult. I took all my courage and managed to open it.

But there was nothing inside! What a pity! Just image, there would have been some pictures, whe hadn't known until then!

What I like to think now, is, that this empty space is left for my mother to fill with pictures she likes. 

I wish you a happy day!

xoxo, alexa

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