Forget-me-not locket

Good morning, locket lovers!

Today, I want to show you an enamelled gold locket out of my collection. It belonged to my great great grandmother Pauline. It's her on the photograph. She had four children, but died of lung tuberculoses at a very young age already. Actually, also three of her children died from the same illness. It always makes me quite sad to realize, that whole families died of an illness. Today with all the new medication, such tragedies happen far less often.

This locket is decorated with a lovely enamelled painting of forget me not flowers. In victorian times, the language of flowers was very fashionable and many feelings were explained with the help of flowers. 

Forget me nots, as the name say, remind you to not forget a loved person. 

Actually, in this locket are two photographs of Paulina's parents, which had probably passed away earlier. 

The pencil drawing in the background of the photograph was made by Paulina's father. Isn't this amazing!

I wish you a very happy day!

xoxo, Alexa

On this picture, you can see Paulinas parents inside the locket. They look quite severe though! But never mind, I think, most people made such faces, when a photograph was taken from them.

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