Everyday silver locket from my great great grandmother

Good morning!

In this blogpost, I would like to show you my great-great-grandmother's everyday locket. 

After my granny had passed away, my mother, two sisters and me went through her jewerly box, where we found this quite unspectacular locket. I received it, since I've always had a passion for lockets. 

It contains a picture of my great-great-grandmother Pauline Probst. She was born in Berne, Switzerland around 1870. She had a twin sister, whose name was Irma. Unfortunaly she died at a very early age (in her twenties) of lung tuberculoses. She had already given birth to four children already. Her sister had passed away in her early twenties. 

It's actually quite a sad story, because of her four children, eventually only my great-grandmother, the youngest one, survived. All others died of lung tuberculoses. 

The father re-married again, a woman with the same name, Paulina. She was a very kind person and like a real mother to the children. My granny loved her dearly. 

So, this locket was worn by Pauline, when she was a girl. Later in her live, she received also two gold lockets. 

I only own very few things of her, which is a great pity. I would so much have liked to get to know her in person. I only have a couple of photographs,  her church song book (the blue booklet in the picture) and some table linnen, of which you see the monogram in the photo (Pauline Dick, as her married name was).

What secrets does this locket hold? What was the girl's live like? What did she do? Which were her hobbies? How did her room look like? What was her character? I can only imagine this and try to interpret it from her expression in te photographs. 

I see a little bit from her in my face, but not too much. Maybe the oval face shape and a similarity of the forehead. 

I know, where she grew up and in which house she lived as a married woman. It's in my home town Berne. 

Her childhood home now houses a large lawyers company, where my best friend works! 

What did I learn for my life? I decided that I want to leave more traces of my own life for my grandchildren to come. Therefore I write a journal and keep everything, which is close to my heart, in a suitcase. 

This suitcase contains braids of me, when I used to cut my hair, my favourite teddy bear, favourite books, a doll and my journals. 

I hope, that my grand children will find some clues to my live in these things.

I will be posting stories of my other inhereted lockets in the next couple of weeks. I hope, you like them and wish you a great day!

xoxo, Alexa

This is my great great grandmother Pauline as a girl, probably at the age of fifteen. On the picture, she is wearing this exact locket on a bookchain.

Paulines locket with all the pictures of her. She had a twin sister (Irma) and an older sister.

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