Something about me

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. This is my first blog entry, where I will tell you some things about me and about what's my shop is going to be like.

I live in a rural village on a hill between three lakes in Switzerland. We have the forest behind our home, where we can observe all kinds of animals in the evening. It's really calm here and I like that. I really like being on my own at home, creating beatiful things and taking care of my family and my seven cats. We have three teenage boys, 12, 13 and 17 years old. 

Since I decided to stay at home with my kids, I wanted to occupy myself at home too. Doing household chores and clearing up didn't quite satisfy me. Since I've always been a creative person, I started trying out different crafts, as embroidery, quilting and knitting. I've been an avid knitter for my whole life.

I also have a passion for everything old and vintage. As my youngest son once said: 

Nowadays it's fashionable to be oldfashioned!

Lockets and jewelry in general always fascinated me. I really like romantic pieces from the victorian area, decorated with scrolls and flowers. 

I inhereted a couple of beautiful lockets from my grandmother and then started to collect also new lockets and vintage ones too. In my shop, I would like to bring to you vitage style lockets, which you can wear as they are or you could also decorate and embellish them with beads, ribbon and even color them. There is really no limit to your fantasy!

Tomorrow, I will take pictures from my lockets and add them to my shop.

Thank you for stopping by. I wish you a lovely day!

Warmly, Alexa

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