My great grandmother's northstar locket

In the next couple of blog posts, I will tell you something about my own inhereted lockets. They all hold dear memories and were and still are cherished today. 

This locket inspires me to start my own heritage of lockets, which I will one day pass on to my children and grandchildren. 

The North Star symbolizes the constant guiding light in your life. 

Humans have always used the North Star as their point of reference. While all of the universe seems to move: the earth spins, constellations rise and set, the moon wanes and waxes, the North Star stays fixed where it is.

Who is your North Star in your own life? Is it a loved person or the Lord?

What does this person stand for? What values does he have?

the North Star is here to remind you of that person or the Lord, of the values he stands for and which you want to be the foundation of your life.

You feel his/her love for you and dedication to you no matter what. She is there in your dark hours, providing a bit of warm light, she is there to celebrate your triumphs. And when all else fails, you know you will still have her. 

The North Star is more than beautiful, it is a talisman – a never ending, unforgettable reminder of a loved one's feelings.  The North Star figures in the center of it all, representing constant presence and loving light. 

The North Star was quite a common symbol used on lockets in the victorian area. In the 2012 version of "great expectations", the heroine Estella is wearing a gorgeous North Star locket for her first ball night in London.

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